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Watu Afrika raise Africa to dignity and to prosperity

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Watu Afrika project was born on October 16, 2010

Watu Afrika project is an open collaborative network to raise Africa to dignity and to prosperity. It was the initiative of Ian Bentley.


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  1. Hi All

    My own vision for Africa is for the continent to break with the out-dated thinking of the past and to chart a new, independent course forward.

    We need to look to a future where we play to our unique strengths, where we maximise the return we make on every investment, where we share the wealth around rather than concentrating it in the hands of the elite, and where we develop new and better solutions to our problems.

    We are fortunate to have a largely 'unspoiled' environment and a wealth of natural resources. The diaspora, I believe, is our secret weapon (just as it was for the Jews and the Irish).

    My personal vision centres around the formation of a "Diaspora Bank" that can kick-start and fuel the rebirth of the continent by providing the financial muscle to launch innovative new entrepreneurial ventures.

    We need to turn things around - to become leaders instead of followers. Essentially, we have to change the negative way that the continent is perceived by the outside world (and even by our own people). Restore the pride and self-respect that has been stripped from us through the past 400 years of colonization and subjugation.

    In my estimation, the most efficient tool for change we have at our disposal is the social networks, and most specifically LinkedIn because of the high quality of the participants on the platform, and the potential it has to connect 'leaders' outside of the largely corrupt formal structures of government and 'big business'. We have the potential to propel people with real commitment and credibility into leadership positions.

    If we can get our ideas to tip we can become the catalyst for change the continent so desperately needs.

    To understand where I am coming from, I'd like to ask you to join the LinkedIn group, "Africa, All things Business"


    ... and to scan through the the thread 'What are Africa's Greatest Economic Strengths?"

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.