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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Community Investment Portfolio (CIP) framework

The following slides present a model of a local business ecosystem. The main goal of our Map Africa's Resources project is to build a map of all African resources. At the local scale, the model presented bellow can be seen as an inference system over the local resource map. This will provide locals with powerful tools of analysis and strategic decision making.

Model created by Steve Bosserman from Food Local Systems.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Watu Afrika needs dating!

Watu Afrika needs the ProM project initiated by the Coalition of the Willing to enable the coalescence of small and medium size networks with specific skills and with access to different kind of resources into super networks, which would surpass the critical mass to move an entire African continent.

Watu Afrika in NOT about an empty social movement following a utopia. Our goal is to build new free and open institutions that empower individuals and local communities, that enable them to create value and to exchange it freely among themselves and with the entire world. We want to help Africans to brake free from the post-colonial system, to put them in charge of their material and cultural resources, to put them in charge of processes of value creation and exchange.

If we can somehow influence the development of the ProM project. I think we would drag it towards building a generic catalyzer. Something suitable for our multi-dimensional approach. Something that would connect open education to resource mapping projects, to open innovation (adding value to resources), to open enterprises for production and distribution, to open currencies, to open commerce with the world, to open governance, etc. This is what I call a Multitude Constructive Revolution in concrete terms.

At this moment I am establishing a pilot project in a small community near Montreal, Canada, where we use this same approach to stimulate local sustainable development. Kate from http://www.africansolutionz.com is now working on establishing a similar pilot project in Ghana. In doing so we hope to learn how to scale up our infrastructure. I am sure that whatever will come out of the ProM project will help us a lot.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

OER Africa: Open Education for Africa

OER Africa provides you access to all the information you will need to learn about and benefit from Open Educational Resources (OER). In brief, the concept of OER describes educational resources that are freely available for use by educators and learners, without an accompanying need to pay royalties or license fees.
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